Coronavirus pandemic
and vaccination campaign

Coronavirus Pandemic


Scientific evidence confirm that asymptomatic transmission is the real weakness of strategies to contain Coronavirus pandemic. GIMBE Foundation summarized the most recent scientific evidence on the use of masks: the obligation to wear masks where social distancing cannot be guaranteed introduced by the Prime Minister's Decree of 26 April 2020 it is crucial to reduce the risk of transmission.


Social distancing

Considering that influenza virus infections spread mainly through close contacts in the community and given the absence of a vaccine for COVID-19, social distancing measures are the only strategy to contain the epidemic. These measures, by reducing the virus transmission, can delay the peak of the epidemic, reduce its extent and distribute cases over a longer period of time to allow the health system to prepare adequately and allow better management of symptomatic cases.



What is a Coronavirus? What is SARS-Cov-2? What is COVID-19? Italian Ministry of Health answers to frequently asked questions.


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