Coronavirus Pandemic

Welcome to the GIMBE Foundation monitoring page of the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy. GIMBE’s dataroom has been daily powered since February 21th, 2020 with data released by the Civil Protection Department and by the Ministry of Health.

Last updated on 19th January 2021 at 6PM.

Discharged after recovery



Patients isolated at home



Patients hospitalized with symptoms



Patients admitted to the intensive care unit





To be verified by National Institute of Health


Relation between incidence (new cases per 100.000 inhabitants) and percentage increase of cases.
The graph illustrates the position of the Italian Regions in relation to the national averages of the incidence per 100.000 inhabitants in the last two weeks and of the percentage increase of cases during the period 12 - 19 January

Covid-19 active cases
The graph illustrates the regional distribution of cases currently positive to Covid-19 (hospitalized patients, patients admitted to the intensive care unit, patients isolated at home).

Absolute change in COVID-19 cases
The graph illustrates the new daily COVID-19 cases in Italy.

COVID-19 cases: daily trend of diagnostic swabs (cases tested)
The graph illustrates the number of diagnostic swabs and the percentage of positive diagnostic swabs per day.


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This website has been developed to monitor COVID-19 pandemic.

GIMBE Foundation exclusively answers to requests on processing of official data collected in the data room and will NOT take into consideration questions related to individual behaviours, professional practice, drugs, vaccines and health devices.

GIMBE data room on COVID-19 pandemic is used for research and dissemination activities.

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